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Dental Insurance Program:


"We were pleasantly surprised. This course was extremely thorough, relevant and clear. Elaine is enthusiastic, supportive and quick to respond. We would recommend this course to financial coordinators and dentists regardless of their knowledge and experience."

~ Michael White DDS and Kathy White


"I am excited to apply what I have learned in this course to the everyday needs of our practice. Thank You for making some things much more clear! Really enjoyed this process!"

~ Kim Jordan, Dental Administrator


"Elaine is a wonderful instructor! She is very friendly, kind, and helpful. It is obvious that she genuinely cares about her students. Her vast knowledge of dental insurance is amazing! I highly recommend her course!"

~ Maria - wife of dentist


"This course was extremely informational,  detailed, & written in a way that was easy to understand." 

~ Robin Lupis, Financial Coordinator



Dental Collections Program:


"As in the past, Elaine is helpful and the course is very informative. I have my course information with me at the office and use it everyday. The example collection letters have proven to be extremely useful. The phone scripts have also been very helpful, when I am making my collections calls. I would recommend all Elaine's classes!"

~ April Shuta ~Dental Administrator



Dental Team development expert Deb Roberge says:


"I have had a number of team members enroll in Elaine's courses as well as some of my client/dentists, and the accolades and positives I have heard about her approach to teaching has been nothing short of exceptional. Her courses are well written, easy to understand and enjoyable to journey through. Just knowing you have her to back you up really puts team members in the comfort zone. Having a partner like Elaine in your corner will surely give employers more of a reason to Hire for Attitude and Train for Success". 

~ Deb Roberge

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